Members of the General Assembly

The Heads of a police corps who are members of the General Assembly of the Standing Commission of the Local Police uphold the general interest of the Integrated Police by paying special attention to the Local Police's interests. The collective interest thus prevails over the specific interests of its Police Area and its authorities.  For this reason, the Heads of Corps who are members of the General Assembly of the Standing Commission of the Loca

The members of the Standing Commission of the Local Police's General Assembly (2021-2025) have been elected by their peers.

Voting member: Serge MUYTERS

Voting member: Geert SMET

Voting member: Bart VOORDECKERS

Voting member: Peter VANHOYLAND

Voting member: Kurt TIREZ

Voting member: Benny VAN WABEKE

Voting member: Maria DE STERCK

Voting member: Nicholas PAELINCK

Voting member: Jean-Louis DALLE

Voting member: Michel GOOVAERTS

Voting member: Michaël JONNIAUX

Voting member: Bernard DE MAERTELAERE

Voting member: Jean-Michel JOSEPH

Voting member: Frédéric PETTIAUX

Voting member: Daniel SOMMELETTE

Voting member: Vincent BRAYE

Voting member: Alain BARBIER

Voting member: Olivier LIBOIS

Substitute with vote: Siegfried MERTENS

Substitute with vote: Dirk VAN AERSCHOT

Substitute with vote: Steve PROVOST

Substitute with vote: Arnoud VERMOESEN

Substitute with vote: Stephan GILIS

Substitute with vote: Steve DESMET

Substitute with vote: Jurgen DE LANDSHEER

Substitute with vote: Michel DERAEMAEKER

Substitute with vote: Pier'Ann BASTOGNE

Substitute with vote: Sébastien DAUCHY

Substitute with vote: Patrice DEGOBERT

Substitute with vote: Jean-Pierre DESCY