The composition of "JUSTIPOL" is governed by the Law of 26 March 2014 on optimization measures for Belgian police services introduced by Article 8 quater.

This platform replaces the consultation meetings between the Council of Public Prosecutors and the Integrated Police.

The Justipol consultation platform is composed of:

  • the members of the Belgian College of Prosecutors General;
  • the Federal Prosecutor;
  • the President of the Council of Public Prosecutors;
  • the members of the Federal Police's Management Committee;
  • the President and the Vice-Presidents of the Standing Commission of the Local Police or their delegates.

The Justipol consultation platform meets at least once every six months and is responsible, among other things, for strengthening the common strategy and cooperation arrangements between the judicial authorities and the Integrated Police.

This platform also makes recommendations, either on its own initiative or at the request of the Ministers of Justice and Home Affairs, on matters of common interest falling within the competence of the aforementioned Ministers.