Rita Roberts

Spread on request from the Public Prosecutor's Office of Antwerp
31 year

On June 3, 1992, the body of a woman was found in the river “Het Groot Schijn”, near the Ten Eekhovelei in Antwerp. She had been violently killed. During the investigation the identity of the victim could not be determined.

On May 10, 2023, Belgian, German and Dutch police, in collaboration with Interpol, launched an international campaign called 'Operation Identify Me', which sought to identify 22 girls and women found dead in the three countries. Thanks to this campaign, a family member recognized the woman's tattoo and she was identified.

The victim was identified as Rita Roberts, a woman aged 31 at the time, who had moved to Antwerp from Cardiff in February 1992. The last sign of life her family received was a postcard postmarked May 6, 1992.

Rita was around 1m70 in height and had a stout build. She had mid-length dark hair and her teeth were in good condition. On her left forearm she had a tattoo of a black rose with a red calyx and green leaves and “R'nick” written underneath.

She wore a t-shirt (dark blue, purple and light green) with the inscription “SPLINTER” and “1990”, dark blue Adidas training trousers with three green stripes and dark walking shoes, size 40, brand DAG.

The investigation has shown that Rita may also have spent some time in the Netherlands.

Anyone who knew Rita Roberts or who knows anything about the circumstances of her death is asked to contact investigators.