Hicham CHAIB

Spread on request from the Public Prosecutor's Office of Brussels

The fugitive named Hicham CHAIB was one of the leading members of the terrorist group Sharia4Belgium.

Initially he was the bodyguard and right-hand man of the founder of Sharia4Belgium, Fouad BELKACEM. After the arrest of the latter, he took over some specific leading tasks within the organisation. CHAIB left for Syria and joint the terrorist group Majlis Shura Al-Mujahidin. He called upon Muslims to come to Syria and sacrifice their blood.

Audiovisual data posted on the Internet show that he joined ISIS. He instigated to commit terrorist acts and threatened with terrorist attacks.

The court of first instance of Antwerp sentenced him to 15 years of imprisonment with order for immediate arrest.

- Date of birth: 24/10/1981

- Nationality: Belgian