The police inform you, so you can enjoy your Grand Prix Formula 1 with peace of mind

STAVELOT, 17-08-2022 - The F1 Grand Prix will take place in Belgium at the Spa-Francorchamps circuit on August 26, 27 and 28, 2022. The event - which has been sold out for weeks - has long been awaited by the Belgian and foreign public, who are eager to see the mythical spectacle of the F1 cars and other racing cars that will take to the track over the three days.

Police Information

The police coordinate the security of the event but also the mobility around the circuit to guide the spectators via the appropriate routes. Follow our dedicated social media for traffic conditions, safety information and prevention tips:

Twitter: @BelPoliceEvent

Facebook event: F1 Belgian GP : Realtime Police info


Police forces monitor and direct traffic flows to ensure that all spectators arrive at their destination. After following the GPS or a navigation application to the edge of the track according to the color code of the reserved parking, it is absolutely necessary to scrupulously respect the colored signs and the orders of the stewards and police officers, even if the GPS or the navigation application indicates a different route. The Highway Police also ensure the return of all spectators by facilitating the clearing of the grounds at the end of each day.


The police remind motorists of the need to leave sufficiently early and allow extra time to reach the circuit to avoid traffic jams. The car parks are open from 6:00 a.m. every day. Motorists are requested to prepare and place the circuit access documents (pass, parking reservation...) visibly behind their windscreen, as soon as they arrive at the site.

At each entrance to the track, as well as within the site, spectators and their luggage may be subject to a check.


To reduce congestion on arrival at the circuit, motorists are advised to reserve their parking space in advance. Reservations can be made through the site: Grass car parks are available in the vicinity of the track. This year, asphalt car parks are also available in the center of Malmedy with shuttles to bring spectators from these car parks to the circuit and back.

Soft mobility

The police advise to use alternative means of transport instead of the car to relieve the congestion on the roads leading to the track. City shuttles are organised from many major Belgian cities and border towns to avoid mobility and parking problems. These shuttles depart from and return to train stations and can therefore easily be combined with a train journey.  The cities served are: Aachen, Antwerp, Brussels, Charleroi, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Eindhoven, Liège, Lille, Luxembourg, Maastricht, Mons, Namur.

Bike and motorcycle parking areas are also available near the track. Info:


The numerous services of the Integrated Police are responsible for the security of the event, in perfect cooperation with the organisers and the various emergency services and private security services present on the site. The aim is to ensure that the public can attend this 2022 edition of the Grand Prix in peace and in the best possible conditions.

Resources deployed

The Coordination and Support Directorate of the Liege Federal Police will coordinate police services, in close collaboration with the Stavelot-Malmedy police zone. Many other police zones and Federal Police services provide human reinforcement and technical support. Various specialised resources - motorcyclists, cavalrymen, helicopters, drones, cameras, etc. - are deployed to provide a service adapted to the specific characteristics of the location and to ensure the smooth running of the event.

International partnership

German and Dutch colleagues will reinforce the Belgian police force to ensure visibility, a good reception and quality assistance to the foreign spectators.

Need help?

If you need urgent help, call 112 and tell the operator your location using the signs posted on the site.


Prohibited items

Certain objects are not allowed on the grounds, such as glass containers, tents, weapons, animals, bicycles, steps, pyrotechnics, smoking devices, ladders, parasols, flagpoles, etc. In addition, from now on, it is forbidden to have alcohol with you when you enter the track grounds.

Zone prohibited for private drones

A police order has been issued to prohibit all private use of drones within the circuit and in its vicinity. Only emergency services are allowed to use drones. There is a detection system to intervene in the event of unauthorised flights of drones.  


To avoid thefts, spectators should lock their vehicle securely and not leave valuables in it. Despite the special attentiveness of the police forces, there are often pickpockets in the vicinity of the track. So be particularly vigilant.