Road World Championships: major traffic disruption expected

Police ask visitors to refrain from coming by car

LEUVEN, 22/09/2021. – Next weekend, from Friday 24 to Sunday 26 September, the road races of the World Cycling Championships will take place. The route runs from Antwerp to Leuven, with a passage along the so-called 'Flandrien loop' in the 'Druivenstreek' (Grape Region). The police expect tens of thousands of spectators at and around the start and finish locations and along the route. This will have a major impact on the road network. Therefore, all spectators are asked to come by train, bicycle or on foot as much as possible and refrain from coming by car.

On Friday, 24 September, the road races of the World Cycling Championships will start, culminating in the elite men's road race on Sunday. The police have been working towards this moment for a long time. For more than a year, various local and federal police services have been busy preparing for this sporting highlight.

The Federal Police not only concentrates on securing the race itself, but also on the aspect of mobility. Tens of thousands of spectators are expected at and around the start and finish areas, and the 'Flandrien loop' is likely to be a popular destination as well. This will have a major impact on the road network.

Getting to the race course easily and safely: leave the car at home

The Federal Police urges spectators to leave their cars at home if possible and opt for alternative transport. Cycling fans from the surrounding area should preferably come on foot or by bike. People coming from further away are advised to use public transport. The Leuven railway station is right in the middle of the event zone, and the NMBS/SNCB is providing thousands of extra places on the trains. For fans who have to travel further, the train is the most efficient and also the greenest way to get to the event.

In addition, the railway stations in the area, for example in Aarschot or Tienen, are ideal locations to park the car and continue the journey to Leuven by train from there. As a spectator, you can be in Leuven in fifteen minutes and avoid traffic jams.

Stay informed with real-time traffic information

Those for whom the train is not an option and thus have to take the car are advised to follow the signs along the roads. They will guide the cycling fans to car parks outside the city and will indicate in real time when a car park is full. The police also advise you to follow the traffic information on the radio in your car; the traffic information provided by the 'Vlaams Verkeerscentrum' (Flemish Traffic Centre) is always up-to-date. Using the navigation app Waze is also a good option: it takes account of closed roads and diversions.

However, delays on the road will be unavoidable. That is why the police are calling on everyone who does not have to be in Leuven this weekend to avoid the wide area around Leuven.

The hundreds of police officers in the field are doing everything they can to ensure that the cycling fans have fantastic and safe World Championships. To succeed, it is important that everyone does his or her bit. Leave the car at home if possible or - if it is really not possible - follow the instructions along the roads and via the real-time traffic information.

Let's have a great World Championship!

More mobility information can be found on the website of the organisation ( and the city of Leuven (