Spectators return to the Formula 1 Grand Prix

After the previous edition which took place behind closed doors, 75 000 spectators per day will have the opportunity to attend the Francorchamps Formula 1 Grand Prix on 27, 28 and 29 August 2021. The Federal Police and the Local Police, in collaboration with all partners involved, will ensure the smooth running of this event. Information on how to get to the site and prevention tips will be published by the Federal Police in four languages on its Twitter account @BelPoliceEvent.

Spectators return to the Formula 1 Grand Prix

 Access to the site

This year, the event can welcome spectators but they must be holders of a Covid Safe Ticket. This ticket (for spectators over 12 years old), together with an identity document and a named e-ticket, are the three documents needed to access the site. More information is available at https://www.spagrandprix.com/en/covid-19.



A plan has been drawn up to facilitate mobility and ease traffic congestion. Due to the floods in the Province of Liège, some roads are still impassable. The E40/E25 link (tunnel de Cointe) is still not completely reopened to traffic and transit through the city of Liège is prohibited. The routes, which are detailed below, lead to car parks close to the circuit. Traffic measures sometimes require to follow a route that is different from the one proposed by GPS devices. It is therefore essential not to use your GPS and to carefully follow the coloured signs as well as the instructions given by stewards and police officers.

Another tip: leave early enough and allow extra time to reach the circuit and avoid the queues. Car parks will be accessible every day from 6.00 am. Motorists are requested to place their access documents to the circuit (pass, parking reservation,...) in a visible position behind their windscreen, as soon as they arrive near the site.

Spectators and their luggage will be checked at each access point to the circuit, but also inside the circuit enclosure.


Social media

That weekend, the Federal Police will communicate in real time through a single channel, i.e. Twitter. Information will be disseminated instantly in four languages on the Federal Police account specifically dedicated to communication during major events: @BelPoliceEvent. This account will be used to provide as much information as possible about the mobility and safety of spectators.

Follow the Police advice on the circuit.

On site to ensure security

The Coordination and Support Directorate of the Liège Federal Police will ensure the security of the event, in close collaboration with the Stavelot-Malmedy police zone. Many other police zones and other services of the Federal Police, including the Liège Traffic Police, the Liège Federal Judicial Police, the Air Support Unit, the Mounted police, etc., will also be there to provide support.

Colleagues from Germany and the Netherlands will reinforce the police force to ensure a high level of visibility, reception and assistance for foreign spectators.

Finally, the Integrated Police will manage the event in perfect collaboration with the organisers as well as the various emergency services and other private security services present on the site so that the 2021 edition of the Grand Prix will take place in the best conditions for the public.


Need help?

If you need urgent help, dial 112 and tell the operator your location using the 100 signs placed throughout the site.



Unauthorised objects: no private drones allowed

The use of drones is strictly reserved for the emergency services. All private use is prohibited.

Other items are not allowed on the site, such as glass containers, tents, weapons, animals, bicycles, scooters, pyrotechnics, smoke, ladders, parasols, flagpoles, etc.


Security control


Theft prevention

To prevent theft, spectators must make sure that their vehicle(s) is (are) locked and that they do not leave any valuables inside. Similarly, although special attention is paid to this issue by the police, pickpockets operate in the vicinity of the circuit. It is therefore advisable to be particularly vigilant.

Look out !



Advice: leave early, do not use GPS and follow the following routes:

Routes for spectators coming from the west of Belgium and the north of France

  1. A15/E42 motorway to the Daussoulx intersection
  2. At Daussoulx, take the A4/E411 motorway towards Luxembourg
  3. Take exit 18 "Marche - Courrières" and stay on the N4 towards Marche-en-Famenne
  4. At the entrance to Marche, follow the direction of Liège via the N63 until exit Tinlot
  5. In Tinlot, take the direction of Malmedy on the N66       


Alternative route for spectators coming from Brussels (to avoid queues on the motorway between Verviers and Francorchamps)

  1. Take the A4/E411 motorway towards Luxembourg
  2. Take exit 18 "Marche - Courrières" and stay on the N4 towards Marche-en-Famenne
  3. At the entrance to Marche, follow the direction of Liège via the N63 until exit Tinlot
  4. In Tinlot, take the direction of Malmedy on the N66



Depending on the access ticket, there are three distinct areas around the circuit:

Yellow (Source)


Yellow (Source):

to the north of the circuit, accessible via the E42 motorway, exit 10 Francorchamps

Green (Combes)


Green (Combes):

to the south-east of the circuit, accessible via the E42 motorway, exit 11 Malmedy

Red (Blanchimont)


Red (Blanchimont):

to the south-west of the circuit, accessible via Trois-Ponts and Stavelot


Plan 2021 - Formula 1 Belgian Grand Prix

Motorbikes and bicycles

Motorbikes can follow the specific instructions on the illuminated signs to reach the P1 car park, which is partly reserved for them. There will be a storage place for helmets and equipment in this car park.

Spectators wishing to cycle to the circuit can park their bike(s) in the car park of the former Stavelot station, located on Avenue André Grégoire in Stavelot, and take the Pré-Ravel (Line 44a) which will take them to the Blanchimont entry.

They will be given instructions on how to store their bikes in a free, supervised parking space reserved for this means of transport.



There are several car parks for coaches with a pre-purchased parking ticket. These coaches will have a pre-arranged route.

Coaches with a blue or yellow pre-booking must take exit 9 of the E42-A27 motorway in the direction Verviers - St-Vith, and exit 10 in the direction St-Vith - Verviers. They will be directed from this route to their parking area.

For coaches without pre-booking, parking is available in the green (Combes) and red (Blanchimont) areas.

Leaving by taxi

In anticipation of the spectators' departure at the end of the Grand Prix, a number of taxis will reach the village of Francorchamps. These taxis, which are available to the public, will be parked in the P24 car park in the centre of the village.


Public transport

The circuit is accessible by train via Verviers station. On Friday 27, Saturday 28 and Sunday 29 August, the TEC Liège-Verviers will organise special bus services from this station to the circuit.

For more information, please see the websites www.letec.be (news section) and www.belgianrail.be