Press service Federal Police (for journalists)

Avenue de la Couronne 145A
1050 Elsene / Ixelles

Journalists and media can contact the press service with questions about the policy, mission and activities of Federal Police units (see the organisation chart), interview requests for members of the Federal Police, and with questions that concern the entire Integrated Police (e.g. on statistics).

The press service does not answer questions on:

  • Ongoing judicial investigations. With questions about a specific case, the press can contact the communication cell or press magistrate of the competent public prosecutor's office. Contact details can be found at
  • Facts or missions that fall under the competence of the Local Police. Each police zone communicates autonomously about its own activities. Contact details for each police zone can be found at
  • The activities of Committee P, the independent police monitoring body. Contact details for the press can be found at